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Reunion Scene

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Falling for a Shy Cowboy by Karen Baney. A Christian contemporary cowboy romance book set in Wickenburg Arizona.

Dylan Vargas had a crush on Brisa Franco since high school. Since she's his best friend's little sister, she has always been off limits. Now, a decade later, he meets her again for the first time.


Several birds chirped from a tall live oak tree nearby as a gentle breeze rustled its leaves. Pansy’s whinny drew Dylan’s attention to the fence line. His cousin Renata, or Rennie as they all called her, escorted a gorgeous blond toward the corral. Rennie greeted Pansy, her favorite horse, before she called out to him.

“Dylan! Come meet our new massage therapist.”

After securing the corral gate, Dylan turned. There she stood. He blinked, not trusting his eyes. The blond woman was the one who had filled his dreams, more beautiful than he remembered. Even in the loose fitted navy t-shirt and scrub-like pants, he noticed her feminine curves. Those brilliant blue eyes threatened to stop his heart.

“Hey, Dylan.”

A soft smile spread across her full pink lips. She had lightened her brown hair and changed the style since high school. It suited her.

He swallowed away the dryness in his throat and tried to smile. It felt forced. Unnatural.

“B-B-Brisa.” Heat warmed his face as he choked out her name. He felt the muscles in his face contract as his eyes squeezed tight for a few seconds—the worst of the worst of his stuttering tics. His heart rammed against his rib cage, pounding hard enough to escape. Could he have botched his first impression any more? Doubtful.

As more heat settled over his neck, Dylan turned on his heel, bolting from the love of his life. He hadn’t seen her in ten years. Any hope he had of winning her heart quickly plummeted as he replayed the scene. How humiliating!

Maybe he should tape his mouth shut today.



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