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Falling for a Smart Cowboy (Vargas Ranch Book 4)
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Falling for a Smart Cowboy

Vargas Ranch Book 4

Release Date:

August 20, 2024

She’s an orphan on a mission to change children’s lives. He’s an overwhelmed overachiever and her boss. Will these two learn to work together and find love in the process?

Devon Vargas longs to be something more than just a cowboy. He loves history and teaching kids. While finishing his teaching degree, he takes on more responsibility at his family’s guest ranch. To help relieve the pressure he hires a new children’s program director who has very different ideas.

Raina Crawford grew up in the system with no memory of her parents. Through the grace of God, she survived. Her dream is to start a children’s program for orphans where they can experience life-changing faith. While she tries find a way to fulfill her dream, she takes a position at Vargas Ranch working with kids. She doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with her handsome boss but is determined to make a difference in the lives of children.

Will Devon let go of his pride and try new ideas? Will family secrets unravel his new dreams? Will Raina finally find the family she’s always wanted?

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