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Falling for a Pregnant Cowgirl (Vargas Ranch Book 7) by Karen Baney. A Christian contemporary cowboy romance book set in Wickenburg Arizona.

Falling for a Pregnant Cowgirl

Vargas Ranch Book 7

Release Date:

November 4, 2025

She’s pregnant with someone else’s child. He’s falling for her when he shouldn’t. Can he learn to trust her with his heart?

Renata Vargas regrets her sacrificial decision to act as a surrogate for her cousin and his wife. She had been unprepared for the emotional attachment she felt for their child growing inside of her. Hormones and emotions raging, she knows it’s a terrible time to fall in love. If only her heart would listen.

Gabe Braxton is desperate to save his family’s failing ranch in Montana. When his brother invites him to Vargas Guest Ranch & Resort for the winter, he is drawn to the beautiful resort manager. There’s only one problem: she’s pregnant and tight-lipped about the father. While she teaches him the resort side of the business, he finds her stealing more of his heart.

Will she tell him the truth before he gives up on her? Will he be the one to comfort her through the emotional fallout of surrogacy?

Free Bonus Scenes

Happily ever after… wasn’t as easy as they thought.

As they head to Hawaii for their postponed honeymoon, will Dalton and River mend the cracks in their marriage?

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