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Falling for a Devoted Cowgirl (Vargas Ranch Book 6) by Karen Baney. A Christian contemporary cowboy romance book set in Wickenburg Arizona.

Falling for a Devoted Cowgirl

Vargas Ranch Book 6

Release Date:

June 24, 2025

They’ve secretly loved each other for years. He can’t get past their age gap. She can’t get him to see her as woman she’s become. Will they let go of their fear to find true love?

When former pro bull rider, Adan Franco, discovers he’s been named the guardian of a twelve-year-old boy, his world turns upside down. He must head to New Mexico to settle the estate. As he fumbles through his new status as a single dad, he leans on the woman he’s secretly loved for years.

Solana Vargas is desperate for Adan to see her as something other than his best friend’s kid cousin. At twenty-five, she’s matured into a devoted friend and loyal member of the Vargas clan. If only Adan could come to see her as wife material, all her dreams could come true.

Will helping him settle into life as a single dad finally force him to see her in a new light? Will they ever take a chance on love together?

Free Bonus Scenes

Happily ever after… wasn’t as easy as they thought.

As they head to Hawaii for their postponed honeymoon, will Dalton and River mend the cracks in their marriage?

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