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Colter Sons Series

Coming of age stories about the Colter's five sons and their surprise daughter. Set in Prescott and other locations within the Arizona Territory in 1887 - 1906.​

  1. The Reluctant Cattleman - Sam Colter

  2. The Roaming Adventurer - Boone Colter

  3. The Railroad Magnate - James Colter

  4. The Resourceful Stockman - Deacon Colter

  5. The Restless Wrangler - Preston Colter

  6. The Resilient Bride – Violet (Colter) Gamble

The Reluctant Cattleman (Colter Sons Book 1)

The Reluctant Cattleman

Colter Sons Book 1

Coming of age, love at first site romance. Women in unconventional roles.

A heartwarming western romance and coming of age story set in Prescott, Arizona in 1887.

As Sam Colter takes on more responsibilities at the family ranch, he believes he is a disappointment to his father. He feels like the misfit of the family. When a journalist shows up to interview his mother, secrets from the past threaten his fledging sense of security. Can he overcome his fear and doubts to accept his role as a cattleman and rancher? Will he allow himself to love the woman who turned his life upside down?

Ellie Mae Thatcher moves to Prescott to start her career as a writer. When she misleads the Colters about her identity, she hurts the man she is falling in love with. Can she win back his trust and his heart?

The Roaming Adventurer (Colter Sons Book 2)

The Roaming Adventurer

Colter Sons Book 2

Main character disguise, shotgun wedding romance. Women in unconventional roles.

A heartwarming western romance and shotgun wedding. Set in Prescott, Arizona Territory in 1890 – 1891.

Boisterous Boone Colter settled into his career as a surveyor when his older brother approached him to survey a route for a new railroad. When Boone hires Jack Bennett, he never expected to be forced to choose between his desire for independence and protecting Jack. Will he rise to the occasion? Can he find a way to strike a balance?

Jaclyn “Jack” Bennett spent the last six years apprenticing as an assistant surveyor under her father. When her father asks her to give up her dreams, settle down, and get married, Jaclyn disguises herself as a man and flees to Prescott, Arizona. Except she never thought through how her choice would destroy the lives of those around her. Will she find a way to reconcile broken relationships?

The Railroad Magnate (Colter Sons Book 3)

The Railroad Magnate

Colter Sons Book 3

Love at first sight romance. Women in unconventional roles.

A sweet western romance and love at first sight story. Set in Prescott, Arizona Territory in 1891 – 1893.

James Colter was a successful entrepreneur and businessman in the railroad industry. As he watches his younger brothers marry and start their families, his loneliness deepens. He has everything, except the one thing he longs for the most:  a wife and family of his own. When he dances with the daughter of an older friend, was it love at first sight, or will he put his personal dream on hold again to pursue his professional aspirations?

Keri Glassman wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps. She dreams of becoming a contract attorney. When a handsome suitor invites her on a train ride, the course of her life is rewritten. Like her mother, she wants it all, a career, a loving husband, and a family. Can she find her own way or will her desire to please her parents threaten to destroy her hope for a lasting love?

The Resourceful Stockman (Colter Sons Book 4)

The Resourceful Stockman

Colter Sons Book 4

Best friends marry sisters, love at first sight romance.

Gripping western romance and murder mystery set in Prescott, Arizona Territory in 1893.

Deacon Colter was happy in his job as the stockyard vet. But when his best friend asks him to work as a livestock inspector, he must confront his own obsessive-compulsive nature to support his friend. Even though he hopes for a family of his own one day, he believes that no woman will see past his quirks. Will he find a woman who can overlook his behavior to see his true heart?

Grady Thatcher has waited six long years for justice for his parents’ murder. When a strange twist of fate puts him in a position to find the killers, he must decide if he will sacrifice his budding romance with one of the Harper sisters to pursue justice. Will he choose love over justice?

Lilian and Justine Harper were two sisters who moved to Prescott to escape the abusive men their father tried to pair them with. When Lilian meets Deacon Colter, she wonders if he could ever love someone with her past. Justine falls hard for Grady Thatcher. Yet she doubts if he truly loves her or if he befriended her only to get information about the men who killed his parents. Will Lilian and Justine find true happiness with the men they love?

The Restless Wrangler (Colter Sons Book 5)

The Restless Wrangler

Colter Sons Book 5

Prodigal son story. Single mother romance. Women in unconventional roles.

Compelling love story full of heartache and redemption set in Ash Fork, Arizona Territory in 1893-1894.

Preston Colter felt like he was the forgotten son. Years of drinking and drifting finally catch up to him. When a near-death experience recharts the course of his life, he finds himself face-to-face with an old flame. Will he prove he is a new and different man, or will he fall back into his old destructive ways?

Years ago, Hetty Clark made one bad choice to follow her attraction to a man she loved which led to the birth of her son out of wedlock. After she inherits her father’s ranch, an older man offers her security for her son’s future if she marries him. When the man from her past shows up on her doorstep, she is faced with a difficult decision. Will she choose a loveless proposal to secure her son’s future? Or will she risk her heart on a man she doesn’t believe has really changed?

The Resilient Bride (Colter Sons Book 6)

The Resilient Bride

Colter Sons Book 6

Childhood crush, single mother romance.

Sweet romance about overcoming tragedy and finding new love. Set in 1906 in Prescott, Arizona Territory.

After three attempts at love that left her heartbroken and alone, Violet (Colter) Gamble has given up on love. As a single mother and widow with a toddler son, she opens a pie shop at the train station in Prescott to feed weary travelers. When a familiar face from her distant past shows up at her shop, she must decide if she will give love a fourth try.

Widower Zayne Harrison returns home with his infant daughter so his mother can help raise her. When he arrives in Prescott, he stops for some of Vi’s famous pie, only to discover the proprietress is none other than his childhood crush. Will his crush develop into a lasting love? Will she open her heart again after so much loss?

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