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Be Transformed

Letting the Spirit Renew Your Mind

Are you tired of living a mediocre or even defeated Christian life? Do you believe that your faith should make a difference in how you feel about life, but wonder why things never seem to change?

After more than three decades of being a Christ-follower, author Karen Baney asked these questions and diligently sought answers. When the answers came, she was changed—transformed forever in a powerful way.


In Be Transformed: Letting The Spirit Renew Your Mind, Karen Baney shares personal stories about the process of letting the Spirit renew her mind. Through this seven-session study, you will learn from hundreds of Bible verses on the topic. You will learn:


• You can change your thinking
• Your thoughts direct your actions
• How to stop believing lies about yourself
• How to identify some common stumbling blocks
• About the role fear, anxiety, and worry play
• How our thoughts shape our relationships
• Powerful thoughts to meditate on


If you are tired of dealing with low self-esteem, self-doubt, self-recrimination, anxiety, worry, or fear, this study will enlighten you through scripture and help you make some lasting changes with the Spirit’s help.


Hope For Hard Times cover medium.jpg


Hope for Hard Times

A Study on the Book of Job

During hard times, our grief, pain, fear, loneliness, and circumstances can feel overwhelming. We think, “If only this would happen, then I can get through this.” Or “Will this ever end?” Sometimes we believe that our good deeds should exempt us from suffering or difficulties. Sometimes we feel like Job, who said, “I have no rest; only trouble comes.”

In this six-week study, we will look at the real-life example of one man’s suffering from the Book of Job. We will follow along with Job as he feels deep grief, frustration with friends who do not say the right things, and as he searches for the answers to explain his suffering. We will learn where to look for hope in hard times. And we will see that God answered Job in a way that changes our perspective on our suffering.

Whether you are currently going through a difficult season or not, this study will help you learn how to find hope during hard times.

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