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His Nosy Mamacita

Updated: Jun 16

In this excerpt from Falling for a Bossy Cowboy, Derin had asked his mamacita to bring over dessert for his dinner with Madison. It was a risky move, given how nosy his mami could be.


Catalina Vargas

Derin hurried to greet his mother, feeling the shift in Madison’s mood. He hoped Mami wouldn’t make a scene. He accepted the tres leches cake and bag of churros.

    “Smells good, Mami.”

    He tried nudging her toward the door, but failed.

    “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your novia?”

    “Mami, she’s not my girlfriend.”

    Mami raised an eyebrow and narrowed her eyes. “Si, she is.”

    Derin held back a growl and followed his mother over to the table. He set the desserts on the counter before he introduced Madison.

    “Mami, this is Madison Moore. Madi, this is my mamacita, Catalina.”

    Madi smiled and offered her hand. Mami yanked Madi to her feet and pulled her in for a big hug, rocking her from side to side. Derin cringed at his mother’s overly dramatic display. He wished he could see Madi’s face.

    “I never thought Derin would find himself a chica. Look at you. So bonita.”

Madi, to her credit, took his mami’s gushing in stride. She complimented her on the delicious smelling desserts.

    When Mami started to sit in his chair, he held her arm and whispered through gritted teeth, “You promised.”

Falling for a Bossy Cowboy by Karen Baney

    Mami sighed in disgust with that half-pouty, half-resigned way of mamacitas. Thankfully, she allowed him to escort her to the door.

    “You’ll bring her for cena familiar soon, no?”

    “Of course.” Anything to get his mother to leave. She pointed to her cheek, and he pressed a kiss to it.

    “Have fun, mijo!”

    Then she whirled out the door.

    Derin sighed. Guess he had better figure out how long he could put off inviting Madi to the family dinner. Knowing Mami, she would hound him several times a week until he did.


About the Series

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Love is in the air at the Vargas Guest Ranch & Resort near Wickenburg, Arizona. The Vargas family lives and breathes their family motto: We do not deviate from the Lord’s plan. Five brawny brothers keep the ranch and resort running while life lassos their hearts in this epic contemporary cowboy romance series.

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Release Date: 2025

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