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Devon grows suspicious

Updated: Jun 16

In this scene from Falling for a Smart Cowboy, Devon Vargas grows suspicious of his Mami—especially after asking for his birth certificate multiple times so he could get his passport to go on a mission trip.


Falling for a Smart Cowboy by Karen Baney

Mami reached over and squeezed Devon’s hand, sighing loudly. “You must learn to celebrate the good things in life.”

   She released his hand and stared into the distance. “So much like your papi. He never…”

   Though Devon said nothing as her words trailed off, they perplexed him. He was nothing like his easy-going, steady Papi. Surely, Papi had never been driven by some internal, insatiable desire to make his mark on the world. Devon could not explain where it came from, only that it nipped his heels at each accomplishment in his life—completely the opposite of his father and any of his four brothers.

   His oldest brother, Dalton J. Vargas the fourth, exhibited the most similarities to his papi. Entrepreneurial. Devoted husband and father. Since marrying River and the birth of their twins, Sloane and Elena, Dalton continued to follow in Papi’s footsteps.

   Not like Devon. He couldn’t wait to move off the family ranch. Go do something meaningful with his life.

   He cleared his throat. “Mami, I really need my birth certificate. I’m running out of time to apply for a passport.”

   “Oh, mijo! I thought I gave it to you months ago.” Mami stood abruptly as her eyes shifted toward the house. “I better check on breakfast.”

   She had dodged him again!

   Devon followed her inside and sat down at the table, sighing as he studied his father. Papi’s blue eyes matched Derin’s. Not Devon’s green ones. Dylan and Drake shared Mami’s chocolate brown eye color. Though Dalton’s gold eyes differed from their parents, they were a replica of his abuela’s. No one had green eyes. No one save Devon. Not even his cousins.

   Why he suddenly noticed these things, he could not say. They bothered him all the same. He may have started paying more attention after his grandfather’s slip up about another family secret in the spring.

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