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Character Insider: The Irreproachable Misfit Sam Colter

“Sam was Mama’s favorite. Always has been and always will be. I was jealous of my irreproachable brother.” –Boone Colter, The Roaming Adventurer

In The Reluctant Cattleman (Colter Sons Book 1), I introduce Sam Colter, the second Colter Son. Sam Colter grew up noticing how his mother favored him, the second born, more than the rest of his brothers. He liked his close relationship with his mama, so when he learns about a dark secret that might be the reason behind her special treatment, he feels betrayed by her.

“I am the misfit in the family. None of my brothers are like me.” –Sam Colter, The Reluctant Cattleman

Sam sees himself as the misfit of the family. His older brother, James, is more outgoing than he is. His younger brother is wild and adventurous. But Sam is steady, predictable, and dependable. He’s the brother that would never leave the ranch and always do whatever his parents expected of him, so much that he worried too much about disappointing his father.

“Your father is not disappointed in you. He’s proud of you and the way you are managing things on the ranch. You step up to every new challenge he throws at you.” –Hannah Colter, The Reluctant Cattleman

As Sam learns to confront his insecurity and fears, he realizes the woman he is falling in love with sees him as so much more than he sees himself.

“You see me now as the man that I hope to one day become.” –Sam Colter, The Reluctant Cattleman

In finding love, the shy Sam Colter might never have, if a lovely young woman hadn’t shown up at Colter Ranch and stayed with the family for a few weeks. When his father puts Sam in charge of helping her, he becomes smitten quickly.

It seems like Sam’s life changed a lot that year. Meeting the woman of his dreams. Stepping into a new role at the ranch. Discovering long buried secrets. And learning to overcome his fears and anxiety. Truly a coming-of-age year in his life, full of heartache and blessings.

If you haven’t read his story, you can check out Sam Colter in The Reluctant Cattleman (Colter Sons Book 1). Enjoy!


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