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Colter Sons Book 2 & 3 Audiobook Release

Now available! The first three books in the Colter Sons Series are now available on Audio at many retailers including: Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Spotify, Overdrive, and more!

The Reluctant Cattleman (Colter Sons Book 1) by Karen Baney

The Reluctant Cattleman by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

Mama knew a secret about me...

My name is Sam Colter, and I am the misfit of my family. 

Papa wants me to take over the family ranch. I don’t think I’m the right son. Will I disappoint him or figure out how to run it successfully?

Then my life turned upside down when a journalist showed up. It was my job to protect the ranch and I failed. Worse yet, I find myself falling for the woman who betrayed me. 

Is she the one? Can I forgive her?

Only the good Lord, and maybe Mama, knows for certain. 1887 is gonna leave a mark.


You’ll love this coming-of-age Christian historical cowboy romance because of the big family drama, plot twists, and love-at-first sight romance. Pick up this sweet romance to see if Sam follows God’s path for his life.

Listen to preview:

The Roaming Adventurer (Colter Sons Book 2) by Karen Baney

The Roaming Adventurer by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

I won’t be bridled by anyone… or so I thought.


All I ever wanted was to focus on my career as a surveyor. Build up my business. Explore the wilderness. Then I met her, and she lied to me, putting me in a difficult position. I ought to let her deal with the mess she made.


But Mama raised me to make honorable choices. If I do, are we gonna be stuck with each other until death do us part? Will it come sooner than I think?


Only thing I know for certain, 1890 will change my life in ways no one could have foreseen.


You’ll love this Christian historical romance because of the main character disguise and shocking decision Boone makes.

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The Railroad Magnate (Colter Sons Book 3) by Karen Baney

The Railroad Magnate by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

My name is James Colter. Everything I touch turns into gold. I’m a successful entrepreneur with everything I could ever want… Except the one thing my brothers have that I don’t: true love.

When I finally meet a woman who captures my interest, she’s a decade younger than me. She’s ambitious and wants an unconventional career.

Will she choose her career or her parents approval instead of me?

You’ll love this Christian historical romance because of the major twist to this love-at-first-sight romance! You’ll also enjoy the rich history of the railroads in Arizona seamlessly woven into the story.

Listen to preview:



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