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Character Insider: The Quirky OCD Deacon Colter

“Sometimes Deacon was his own worst enemy. Lilian would have received any other word besides ‘fix’ better.” –Grady Thatcher, The Resourceful Stockman

My character, Deacon Colter, is the fourth Colter Son and hero of The Resourceful Stockman (Colter Sons Book 4). His family thinks he’s industrious. He likes to take things apart and is mechanically inclined. Yet, he becomes a veterinarian because he understands how the laws of God’s nature work.

“Deacon was the most resourceful of us all. He could build a fort with sticks, hay, and rope.” –Sam Colter, The Reluctant Cattleman

Besides being a fiercely loyal friend, Deacon is dependable and very scheduled. He loves going to work at the same time every day. He returns home at the same time, every day. Deacon sticks to the same routine and finds comfort in it.

“Deacon required predictability and structure. Without it, he’d struggle inside, where no one could see.” –Grady Thatcher, The Resourceful Stockman

So, what was the inspiration behind his character?

My husband is a scheduled person. Sometimes I tease him. If someone wanted to stalk him, it would be easy. He leaves for work at precisely the same time every day. He arrives home at the same time every day (as long as traffic doesn’t thwart him). So, my hubby provided a little inspiration for this aspect of Deacon’s character.

“No woman would ever want a man as odd as me.” –Deacon Colter, The Resourceful Stockman

Quickly in the book, I reveal Deacon has some quirks and oddities. These result from his obsessive-compulsive tendencies. This idea came from one of many conversations with my husband. We’ve often wondered how people with some sort of disorder or debilitating disease handled it “back then.” So, I answered that question with Deacon’s character.

“Because I notice things that others don’t, I often find myself in awkward situations with people. Things that are out of place compel me to organize them logically.” –Deacon Colter, The Resourceful Stockman

Because Deacon knows he’s not normal, like his brothers or kids from school, he’s faced socially awkward situations growing up. He didn’t have friends, not until Grady Thatcher came to live with his family. The two teens hit it off and became lifelong friends.

That social awkwardness comes out with a horrible first impression on the woman he fancies, Lilian.

If you haven’t read his story, you can check out Deacon Colter in The Resourceful Stockman (Colter Sons Book 4). Enjoy!


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