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Desert Manna Series Audiobook Release

All three books in the Desert Manna Series are available as audiobook. Watch your favorite retailer in the coming weeks for the series. Also the Starry Night Novella Collection is now available on audiobook.

Beauty for Ashes (Desert Manna Book 1) by Karen Baney

Beauty for Ashes by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

Staring over, single mother romance.

After Perry Quinn loses everything, he must start over, relying on the charity of his friends and the beautiful single mother Rebecca Elliot. He finds her companionship helps heal his broken heart.

Listen to preview:

Joy for Mourning (Desert Manna Book 2) by Karen Baney

Joy for Mourning by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

Trapped together, age-gap western romance.

Grace Talbert loves helping others and struggles to find her purpose apart from the many suitors her father thrusts upon her. When the handsome, older Joshua Harrison returns to Prescott to raise his daughter, sparks fly.

Listen to preview:

Oaks of Justice (Desert Manna Book 3) by Karen Baney

Oaks of Justice by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

Enemies to friends, age-gap western romance.

Attorney Melissa (Mel) Larson longs to make her mark on the world. When her life is in danger, she returns home to Prescott and is pitted against the handsome District Attorney, Alex Glassman. When they face off in the courtroom, Mel’s low blow may have backfired.

Listen to preview:

Starry Night Novellas: 3 in 1 by Karen Baney

Oaks of Justice by Karen Baney (audiobook cover)

One starry night, three sisters pray for the man of their dreams.

Caty's Craftsman

As Christmas time arrives in the small town of Prescott, Caty Larson dreams her future husband will be a craftsman. A godly man who makes beautiful things from wood.

Penny's Pursuit

Penny Larson only had eyes for one man, Nathan Cahill, until he moved away. After waiting for him with no word for eight months, she gives up and gives her heart to another man...

Dory's Desire

As the youngest Larson sister, Dory carries on the stargazing tradition even though she’s the only sister at home. When a mishap throws her into the arms of her sister’s ex-fiancé, Dory hopes the desires of her heart will come true.

Listen to preview:


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