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A Life Restored

Prescott Pioneers #3

Making mistakes is a part of life…

Social butterfly, Caroline Larson, longs for adventure. Since her best friend left Texas, she grows dissatisfied with her life. A little lie to her parents sends her on the journey of her life. Stranded in the Arizona desert, far from her final destination, she must rely on a stranger who gets under her skin.


Thomas Anderson has always struggled with making good decisions. A twist of fate, or Providence, leads him to Arizona to take a job as an express rider. Dealing with the ghosts of his past threatens to overshadow his future—until he meets a woman needing his help. Sparks fly as she grates on his nerves.


As they both struggle to move beyond their past mistakes, will they find their lives restored?



It was so captivating, I could not put it down till the end.


Like so many of us Thomas keeps trying to live a better life in order to get past his bad mistakes in the past. It took him awhile before he finally learned, the only true way to change is to let Christ change you. Caroline, too had to learn to trust in God and not herself. Makes you realize that in Christ all things are possible. 


Not only did I become just as hooked as I did in the first two books in this series, I found even more characters to add to my new family in Prescott! You'll be rooting for your old favorites as well as meeting new ones along the way. If you love great western romance stories with a faith in God, then you'll love Karen Baney's Prescott Pioneers series!

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