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Will he be able to protect his children on the Sierra Frontier?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

The Reluctant Warrior (High Sierra Sweethearts Book 2) by Mary Connealy

Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Mystery, Suspense

Time Period: 1860s

Location: Sierra Mountains (Nevada)

Romance: Very clean. Just kissing.

Faith: The faith aspect woven seamlessly into the story.

Gwen Harkness loves caring for the two children stranded with them over the winter. She longs to keep them for herself, but when their father shows up to claim them she must decide to help the children warm up to his frosty nature.

Cam Scott is a former Union army officer used to ordering people around. Unfortunately, when he comes to pick up his children, they are frightened of his demeanor. When a snow storm leaves him and his sister stranded with the strangers who'd rescued his children, he finds he both loves and hates the woman who cared for them.

What I liked about this book:

- Cam's character was the most realistic. Connealy did a great job portraying his need to move beyond his army facade to become more approachable to his children.

- The internal conflict Gwen faced was well written.

- The romance started slowly and grew.

- The suspense and danger the characters faced with gripping and very creative.

- I felt the tension of the intrigue and rooted for the characters.

This is the second book in the High Sierra Sweethearts Series and it continues the story and intrigue from the first book in the series. While you could read this book without having read the first book, I strongly recommend reading this series in order.


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