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Sweet Dramatic Conclusion to Brides of Laurent Series

A Daughter’s Courage (Brides of Laurent Book 3) by Misty M. Beller

5 stars

Genre: Historical Romance

Time Period: 1817

Location: Canadian Rockies

Romance: Very clean. Light kissing.

Faith: Seamless woven into the story. Both characters exhibit spiritual growth throughout the story. Strong message of God’s love for His children.

Misty Beller brought this sweet series to a wonderful and satisfying end by following Charlotte Durand. I enjoyed the way Misty developed the culture of Laurent with excellent detail throughout the series, giving them century-old traditions. She’s brought elements of what fantasy writers do (world building) into the history of the village of Laurent while staying true to the historical fiction genre. Such a delightfully unique series, that I’m sad to see it end.

The author wasted no time pulling the reader into the story. The setup of Charlotte’s plight happened quickly. I instantly connected with her. Though Charlotte’s naivete got her into trouble, it fit with her upbringing in a small, isolated village.

I loved Damien’s character. Beller revealed his rich backstory throughout the novel, keeping the reader interested and engaged in his development. He is an excellent protector, wise to the ways of the world, while struggling with his own emotions and self-worth. The author did a tremendous job wrapping up his growth perfectly, highlighting God’s love for him.

The romance between the two characters developed sweetly throughout the entire novel with just the right amount of tension at the right time.

While I noticed a few similarities between this book and the first two in the series, Beller added additional elements and twists in a relatively limiting setting. She rose to the challenge splendidly, spinning an enjoyable story.

I strongly recommend this book, along with the entire series, to fans of historical romance. I appreciate Beller chose a unique period (post-War of 1812) and a refreshing setting. If you like stories of the American and Canadian frontier, you will enjoy this story.



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