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Sacred Bond Series Books 1-3 by Lee Tobin McClain

About the Series

Sacred Bond Series by Lee Tobin McClain

Series: Sacred Bond

Books: Her Baby Bond

The Bride's Broken Bond

Her Reunion Bond

The Doctor's Bond

A Christmas Bond (novella)

Author: Lee Tobin McClain

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christian Romance

Set of contemporary Christian romance novels featuring alpha males who learn to lean on God. They all come from broken homes, having met at the Covenant School for juvenile delinquents as young men. Now as adults, they live to serve others.

My Reviews

I picked up this series a few months ago and have been working my way through these gripping books between other commitments. I'm really enjoying the series and think that you will, too.

If you've read any of Lee Tobin McClain's Love Inspired books, you'll find the Sacred Bond Series to have slightly more heat--meaning in this series, she describes the attraction between the hero and heroine with more detail, but still well within the boundaries of a Christian romance.

His Baby Bond (Book 1)

Opposites Attract, Age-Gap

5 Stars

Great minty romance! I really enjoyed this opposites attract, age gap story. The author hooked me from the open scene.

I particularly loved the spiritual arc for both characters. Zeke must confront his judgemental attitude. Kendra must deal with her grief.

Wonderful story! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

The Bride's Broken Bond (Book 4)

Secret Crush, Second Chance, Friends to Sweethearts

4 Stars

The author pulls the reader instantly into the story from the opening scene, setting the stage for a true second chance romance.

Rock has held a torch for his across-the-tracks friend, Hope, for years. When she learns her fiance's true nature, Rock is there, ready to help her runaway and start over. Hope must learn to live a very different life apart from the privilege and wealth she grew up with.

I enjoyed reading this friends to sweethearts, across-the-tracks romance. There were a few chapters in the middle that felt a little repetitive, like the characters were stuck, but then the story picked up pace again.

I would recommend this to fans of Christian contemporary romance and sweet romance.

Her Reunion Bond (Book 3)

Second Chance with Ex

5 Stars

The opening scenes had me instantly rooting for Wendy and her work with troubled youths. When her ex-boyfriend shows up, the sparks fly.

I loved the tension between Daniel and Wendy--how each needed to forgive and be forgiven and grow in their faith.

A truly beautiful second chance love story that fans of Christian romance will enjoy.

About The Author

Lee Tobin McClain

Lee Tobin McClain is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty novels. A professor-turned-writer, she finds inspiration in her beautiful and brilliant daughter, her goofy goldendoodle, and her aptly named cat, Trouble. Learn more about her books at



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