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New Series: Desert Manna Coming Soon

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Throughout 2022, I will be releasing a new series called Desert Manna. This three book series follows the lives of three different couples as they experience God's provision after major changes in their lives.

Book 1: Beauty for Ashes

This book brings back an old favorite character, Perry Quinn from Prescott Pioneers book 3 and 4. This is Perry's story after tragedy strikes and his life is turned upside down.

The book also introduces a new character, Rebecca Elliot. Both she and Perry experience devestating losses. They must learn to look toward the future.

Book 2: Joy for Mourning

This book brings back Joshua Harrison from Prescott Pioneers book 1. He's failed at love twice. Since we left him in the Prescott Pioneers series, he has experienced heart ache and pain.

I also bring Grace Talbert into this story from Hidden Prospects. She must learn to stand up to her less than ethical father.

Book 3: Oaks of Justice

This book follows Rebecca Elliot's brother, Alex Glassman who is introduced in Book 1: Beauty for Ashes.

It also follows Mel (Missy) Larson, Caroline Larson's younger sister from the Prescott Pioneers series. She is a female attorney and fights for her independence while learning to love.


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