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NEW RELEASE: The Reluctant Cattleman (Colter Sons Book 1)

A heartwarming western romance and coming of age story set in Prescott, Arizona in 1887.

As Sam Colter takes on more responsibilities at the family ranch, he believes he is a disappointment to his father. He feels like the misfit of the family. When a journalist shows up to interview his mother, secrets from the past threaten his fledging sense of security. Can he overcome his fear and doubts to accept his role as a cattleman and rancher? Will he allow himself to love the woman who turned his life upside down?

Ellie Mae Thatcher moves to Prescott to start her career as a writer. When she misleads the Colters about her identity, she hurts the man she is falling in love with. Can she win back his trust and his heart?

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For fans of the Prescott Pioneers Series: Enjoy the first book about Hannah and Will Colter's Sons.


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