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Homestead House: Stove

These two pictures show two different iron stoves. The left picture was most likely made in the early 1900s and is much larger than what Hannah or Betty would have used in A Dream Unfolding (Prescott Pioneers Book 1). But the smaller stove (below) is closer to what my characters would have used.

It’s hard for me to imagine cooking on such a small stove, especially if I had the large crowds like Betty had at Lancaster’s Boardinghouse. Assuming she and Hannah cooked for 30-50 men each meal, how did they fit all of the necessary pots and pans on such a small stove?

Yet, many pioneers, boardinghouse owners, restaurant owners, etc., cooked on such small ranges.

Both of the stoves pictured here are wood burning. Wood seemed to be the most readily available fuel on the western frontier, so it’s not surprising.

I hope you enjoyed seeing examples of old iron ranges.


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