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Homestead House: Irons

The row of irons, shown here, are varying in sizes. I’m not sure of the exact dates or eras, but I would guess they were between the 1860’s and early 1900’s.

Irons from the timeframe of my Prescott Pioneers Series were typically heated on the top of a stove. From various accounts, it seems like there was usually more than one, I imagine so that one could heat while the other was in use.

The other picture shows a few different types of irons. In the center is a Triumph kerosene sad iron heater. I found a picture of another one that looks similar, without the iron, and it was dated 1895. These oil heaters were used simply to heat the iron so laundry could be pressed.

Both of these photos came from a museum I visited recently. The stove-heated irons are more what I picture Hannah or Betty using in my book A Dream Unfolding. I always think it is fun to see picture or real life objects.


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