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Canderhart Dynasty Series by Dora Hiers

About the Series

Canderhart Dynasty Series by Dora Hiers

Book: Canderhart Dynasty Series by Dora Hiers

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christian Romance

Release Date: 2022

A racing family finds success on the track but not in love...

Three heart-warming second chance romance stories following three adults in the Canderhart family.

Davina gets a second chance with her ex-husband who she never stopped loving in A Heart's Worth.

Her father, Jett, encounters a flame from a few years ago--a woman he can't stop thinking about. Sweet later-in-life romance called A Heart's Praise.

Dusty, Davina's brother, gets a second chance with his high school sweetheart-turned-pro-country-singer in A Heart's Song.

My Reviews

A Heart’s Worth (Book 1)

5 stars


Dora Hiers weaves a heartwarming, second chance story in this clean, Christian novella.

I loved the way she instantly hooked me into the story by thrusting Davina "Davy" face to face with the ex-husband she never stopped loving. Kavan has changed, and her feelings for him frighten her.

Will they find happily-ever-after a second time around?

I strongly recommend this novella to fans of Christian romance and clean romance.


A Heart’s Praise

5 Stars


I loved the way the author showed Jett's newly discovered faith. He wanted so much to please Lord and be a godly leader even as he pursued a second chance at love with Lexie. Great example of a man learning how to be a spiritual leader in everyday life.

The romance between Lexie and Jett moved fast, but they had history.

I strongly recommend this to fans of clean, Christian romance.


A Heart’s Song (Book 3)

5 Stars


I really enjoyed this sweet second chance Christian romance novella. The author captured my interest in the opening scene. Dusty's character felt relatable and I loved how he grew more confident about himself and his high school sweetheart. Oakley's character was likable too. I like how she grew as she believed in herself.

Fans of clean romance and Christian romance will enjoy this beautiful second chance romance.



About The Author

Author Dora Hiers

Dora believes that a person should love what they do or choose to do something else. She’s doing exactly what makes her heart sing, and considers every day a gift. When she takes a break from cranking out books, Dora adores reading, chowing down on her hubby’s lip-smacking home-smoked ribs, and sipping coffee on a mountain cabin deck. Life’s too short to be stuck in traffic, to drink bad coffee, or to read books with a sad ending. Dora and her real life hero make their home in North Carolina, but with a world full of amazing places to explore, that’s only a landing point.



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