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Coming Nov. 2023 - 2024

Love is in the air at the Vargas Guest Ranch & Resort near Wickenburg, Arizona. The Vargas family lives and breathes their family motto: We do not deviate from the Lord’s plan. Five brawny brothers keep the ranch and resort running while life lassos their hearts in this epic contemporary cowboy romance series.


Now Available!

One moment of weakness…

…destroyed everything.


She upended her life and must start over.


Will she find her footing again in this new town?


He has too much on his plate—no room for romance.

Can they both learn to forgive before it’s too late? What will they sacrifice to make things right?

The Colter Sons Series

Epic Western Saga

Big Family Drama

Love at First Sight

Main Character Disguise

Women in Unconventional Roles

Shotgun Wedding

Prodigal Son

Childhood Crush

Murder Mystery

and MORE!

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