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Starry Night Series

Sweet, clean historical romance novella series about the three Larson sisters.

Starry Night Novellas by Karen Baney

One starry night. Three sisters dream of their future.

Starry Night Novellas
Colter Sons Series

Colter Sons Series by Karen Baney

Coming of age stories about Will and Hannah Colter's five sons and surprise daughter. Set in Prescott and other locations within the Arizona Territory in 1887 - 1906.

Desert Manna Series by Karen Baney

Follows the lives of three different couples as they find God's provision, manna, in the Arizona desert. Set in Prescott, Arizona Territory from 1871-1873.

Desert Manna Series

Prescott Pioneer Series by Karen Baney

The Prescott Pioneers Series is a four-book series by Karen Baney, plus a sequel. The series is set in Prescott, Arizona between 1863 - 1870. Follow the lives of the Andersons, Colters, Larsons, Cahills, and Lancasters as they deal with heartache and hope for a new life in Arizona.

Prescott Pioneers Series

Contemporary Romance by Karen Baney

Contemporary Romane

Bible Studies by Karen Baney

Bible Studie
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