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Unplanned Pregnancy Story Handled in Christ-like Manner

The Cowboy's Reluctant Bride (Saddle Springs Romance #6) by Valerie Comer

5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance, Cowboy Romance

Location: Saddle Springs, Montana

Romance: Very clean. Light kissing and attraction.

Faith: Both characters wrestled with applying their new (or renewed) faith to their lives and past. Showed remorse for past mistakes.

Valerie Comer delivered an engaging end to the Saddle Springs series in this unplanned pregnancy romance. I loved the way Comer dealt with a difficult topic with Christian characters exhibiting a Christ-like response to the circumstance while balancing the real-life conflicting emotions experienced.

I loved the way Sawyer Delgado’s character returns to his Christian faith roots after a years-long period of rebellion. Comer presented a believable cause for his return and Sawyer portrayed realistic emotions and behaviors. This made his character so deep and a delight to read.

Anna Winter’s traumatic past and newly found faith presented an excellent juxtaposition against Sawyer’s return to faith. I love the surprise revelation about her pregnancy. Okay, I won’t say anything more because you’ll want to read it for yourself.

One disappointing choice the author made that left a bad taste was at the end, the series Epilogue (that sought after bow tying everything about the series together) was NOT included in the book. A reader must give up their email address and sign up for the newsletter to get it. This was off-putting and disappointing to me. I would much rather prefer something as supplemental provided as an incentive, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the series wrap up. I chose not to sign up for the newsletter.

As readers can expect from any Comer novel, the story has strong faith elements where characters struggle to apply their faith in difficult circumstances. If a person ever wanted to know the realistic internal struggle of the Christian walk, Comer delivers it packages in a sweet fictional setting. This is why I keep reading more and more of her books. I’m encouraged that I am not alone in how I try to apply what I learn from the Bible to my every-day life.

For fans of a sweet, inspirational, clean romance or lovers of a cowboy romance theme, I strongly recommend this book.



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