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Teenager Pact Creates Tension For Shy Cowboy

The Cowboy’s Mixed-Up Matchmaker (Saddle Springs Romance Book 2) by Valerie Comer

5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Cowboy Romance

Location: Saddle Springs, Montana

Romance: Very clean. Light kissing.

Faith: Woven throughout the story. Verse applied well to the characters and helped them grow spiritually.

Valerie Comer delivers another sweet cowboy romance with strong faith elements. I loved the way both characters feared how their friendship would change if they admitted they harbored stronger feelings for each other. Comer showed the genuine struggle Christian characters face in this situation, and she presented a strong, faith-based example for dealing with it.

As an independent, career minded woman, Lauren faced the challenge of focusing on her career versus dealing with past heartache and insecurities. In her attempts to push away the man she loves, she must confront her own weaknesses and desire to control situations. Her personal growth and spiritual growth felt real to life and had me rooting for her to face her weaknesses.

James’s sensitive inner quiet drew me to his character and seemed very realistic for a cowboy and worship leader. His strong faith grew more when he faced his own fears. Comer used his desire to please God, even in his relationships with others, as an encouraging example to us all.

One reason I keep returning to this series is the way Comer writes her heroes. They are manly men who are devout Christians trying to navigate life in a godly manner. I appreciate the realistic way she writes these characters and wonder if she is blessed to have such examples in her own life. It’s refreshing to read great male characters.

I strongly recommend this book for fans of modern cowboy romance with a sweet, clean love story and strong faith-based worldview.


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