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Starting Over: A Theme Close to My Heart

People move to Arizona to start over. The dream of building a new, better life started with the earlies pioneers that settled in territorial Arizona (1864 – 1912) and continues today. Arizona has long been a place with good jobs, mild winters, and lots of sunshine.

So, why is starting over a theme close to my heart? Why do I write about it in several novels?

My journey of starting over came when I moved to Arizona. I was in an unpleasant situation and moved here for a job. I ended up going to school at night and eventually started a new career. My hubby, Jim, and I met here in Arizona. Like me, he came to start over too.

When I first moved to Arizona, I used to joke that there are very few people “from” Arizona (born and raised). It seemed almost everyone I met was from somewhere else. It’s a great icebreaker when getting to know new people here.

Anyway, Arizona continues to be a place that attracts many transplants, like me.

In my new release, The Air I Breathe, single mom Kelly Sutton picks up her life and moves to Arizona to start over. She lost her job and didn’t have any close connections back in Colorado, so moving made sense, especially since it put her closer to her daughter’s father.

Starting over isn’t easy. It takes time to build a new life. I had to rely on the charity of friends and co-workers in the early days. My hubby had a few family members to rely on. Like us, Kelly has her daughter’s father and aunt. When she suffers from a panic attack, she must rely on a kind stranger.

One encounter with him changes the course of her life forever. The question is, will the good changes outweigh the bad?


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