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NEW: Sweet Clean Christmas Romance

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Just for fun, I wrote a Christmas time novella this year. It's a clean, sweet historical romance set in my favorite town: Prescott, Arizona in 1886.

This novella features Caty (Catherine) Larson, the daughter of Adam and Julia Larson from A Heart Renewed (Prescott Pioneers Series Book 2) and Josiah Elliot, the son of Perry and Rebecca Quinn from Beauty for Ashes (Desert Manna Book 1).

I hope you enjoy this delightful Christmas book where dreams come true and prayers are answered.


Caty's Craftsman (A Starry Night Novella) by Karen Baney

A sweet Christmas time romance set in Prescott, Arizona Territory, in 1886.

One starry night, three sisters pray for the man of their dreams.

As Christmas time arrives in the small town of Prescott, Caty Larson dreams her future husband will be a craftsman. A godly man who makes beautiful things from wood. Little did she know that one chance encounter would find her prayers answered in delightful ways.

Josiah Elliot rushes to fulfill last minute orders at his woodworking shop. When the woman he fancies shows up in his shop, he must choose whether to take her order or claim he is too busy. He never believed one simple choice could change the course of his life forever.

Includes an excerpt from Beauty for Ashes (Desert Manna Book 1).


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