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Must Read Thought-Provoking Romance

The Cowboy’s Belated Discovery (Saddle Springs Romance #5) by Valerie Comer

5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance, Cowboy Romance, Small-Town Romance

Location: Montana

Romance: Very clean. Light kissing.

Faith: Strong message of community and our need to connect with others on a deeper level. Allowing God to help us by allowing others close enough. Tons of Scripture references in this one. See comment in detailed review.

How does a hurting man with a heart-breaking past put his faith into action to trust God and others again? This is the central struggle Comer presents in Garret’s character. He knows Scripture. He leads worship. But does he apply God’s Word to his life in his most broken places? Do we?

Sometimes you read a novel, a work of fiction that just sticks with you. This is one of those. I could not put the book down and days after finishing it, I have been reflecting on how well do I put my faith into action for my own broken places? To me, this is a great example of the lifelong change God makes in our hearts to become holier (sanctification). Comer captures the essence of this struggle beautifully through Garret.

There were a lot of Scripture references in this book. I loved the way the characters memorized Scripture and sought to understand it. There was repeated mention of John 10:10 about “the abundant life” that concerned me at first, as I know this verse is often misapplied. [Like all Scripture, our job as readers is to discern for ourselves what a verse means in context of the chapter and Bible as a whole.] With this novel, I believe Comer represented the verse in context and applied it well.

Even though this is the fifth book in the series, the reader can easily pick it up and not miss a beat. The author does a good job of relaying the relevant details from previous books without being repetitive.

Overall, I found this book to be very thought-provoking as well as a suspenseful romance. Comer keeps us guessing throughout the entire book about whether Garret will risk his heart. I loved, loved, loved this book, and highly recommend it to fans of contemporary inspirational romance.


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