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Joy for Mourning (Desert Manna #2) Now Available

Uplifting historical Christian Romance Fiction set in Prescott, Arizona in 1872.

Grace Talbert spurns every suitor her father finds. She longs for the spark of romance and is unwilling to settle for something less. Her passion is running the Women’s Aid Society which organizes many charitable events to help the poor and the Indians. When a trip to deliver goods to the reservation leaves her stranded with a handsome stranger, she discovers the love she longed for.

After many years of wandering and building up his freight business, Joshua Harrison decides to return to Prescott. As bachelor, he is ill equipped to raise the orphaned daughter of a friend. He hopes the stable life of a small town will bring what he needs to become a good father. Having failed at love twice, he is afraid to try again, until he is stranded with the unconventional and beautiful Grace Talbert. Can he move past his heartache to open himself to love again?


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