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I’m Not Sorry If My Characters Offend You

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Okay, that probably sounds harsh and even the title of this post may offend you, but I do hope you will persevere and read on anyway.

I’ve been a part-time writer for twelve years now. So, I’ve had plenty of time to offend a lot of people with my fictional stories about flawed characters who sometimes experience horrible things or make bad decisions. If you are looking for a fluffy lighthearted tale, I promise you, I will not be offended in the slightest if you skip reading my books altogether, or if you start reading it and decide it’s just not for you.

I am an intelligent thinker who feels things deeply. When I read a book, I want something that engages my brain. Frankly, when I watch TV shows, even when I want to veg out, I still want a story that makes me think and challenges my assumptions and even my world view.

So, I write the kind of books that I want to read. I gravitate towards authors who write something a little meatier. I also enjoy the occasional lighthearted read as well, but my preference leans toward something grittier.

I like to challenge the assumptions of my readers in my books. Who says that a devoted Christian couple can’t have a quick connection? Did I miss the verse in the Bible that says thou shalt not marry without knowing a person for at least two years? I don’t think so.

When I look to the examples in the Bible, I find real flawed people who made some huge mistakes, fell into destructive temptation. Their stories are at times offensive, shocking, and jaw-dropping. Like, King David. He had one of his most loyal officers in his army killed all so he could sleep with the man’s wife. Yet, David was called a man after God’s own heart. He repented, he suffered the consequences of his actions, and he was redeemed.

Or how about the romance between Isaac and Rebecca? Wait, was there any romance? No. His father’s servant picked out his wife. Isaac married her immediately. Is that offensive to you? If not, then you will love The Roaming Adventurer (Colter Sons Book 2).

What about the perfect wealthy man named Job? When he loses everything and his life turns to ashes, he became so depressed that he wanted to die. Then he railed against God. He wanted to know why he lost all that was dear to him. But God’s answer to him was far from what he expected. God basically told him, “I AM.” Drop the mic and walk away. Yet, Job humbled himself and responded with worship once he finally understood God’s Sovereignty.

Why do I write about flawed characters who experience real temptation? Because I hope if you read the entire book, in the end you will see that the character experiences a change of heart, and their mistakes are redeemed.

There is only one person who walked the face of this earth and did not have a messy, sinful life. His name was Jesus Christ. Since I am messy and flawed, and so is every person I’ve ever met, I choose to write about those types of people.

If that is not your cup of tea, it’s alright. I promise you; I won’t be offended.


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