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I asked ChatGPT to write…

Long before I became a writer, I was a programmer. So, I am fascinated by all the buzz about ChatGPT.

What is it? ChatGPT is software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to craft sentences, paragraphs and more. It basically scans a bunch of data, most likely books, news articles, etc., and outputs words based on criteria provided by a human.

Will it replace my career as a writer? The writing community is concerned that it will. I'm not. I see ChatGPT and other software with similar features as a tool to help real people with their writing.

How do I use AI? I do use limited amounts of AI to help me with a few activities in my writing:

  1. Get ideas when I'm stuck. Like the story I'm about to share below, I've asked ChatGPT a thing or two to get ideas. For my upcoming Steadfast Love Series, I used ChatGPT to help me refine some book title ideas for books 2-4.

  2. Help me rephrase an awkward sentence (though I still tweak it to fit my story).

  3. Editing. Even the spell-checker and grammar-checker in Word is a form of AI. The software I used is even better than what Word provides, and I think it's helped me hone my skills over the last 2 years.

As a fun experiment, Jim (my hubby) and I asked ChatGPT to write 3 paragraphs about a bouncy boxer dog named Daisy. The following is completely unedited and what ChatGPT spit out for us. (Dog pictures are of my mini-boxer, Daisy).



Daisy A Boxer Dog by ChatGPT

Daisy, a lively and exuberant boxer dog, bounces around the sun-drenched backyard with pure delight. Her expressive eyes gleam with anticipation as she clutches her beloved squeaky toy tightly in her jaws. With every leap, her paws effortlessly leave the ground, her energy radiating through the air. Her wagging tail acts as a metronome, setting the rhythm for her playful movements. As Daisy bounds across the grass, her toy emits a high-pitched squeak, amplifying her excitement. Her tail wags furiously, echoing her unadulterated joy. With a sudden burst of energy, she pounces on the toy, sending it bouncing in every direction. Her sharp ears perk up as the sound of the squeak fills her with glee. She chases after it, her body twisting and turning in a dynamic dance of playfulness.

Daisy's boundless energy is infectious, drawing the attention of onlookers. With each leap, she defies gravity, soaring through the air with an irresistible charm. Her playful antics bring smiles to the faces of those watching, as they witness the sheer bliss radiating from this lively boxer. Daisy's vibrant spirit and unwavering enthusiasm transform a simple squeaky toy into an extraordinary source of entertainment and happiness.


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