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Fun Whimsical Sweet Romance

About the Book

Book: How (Not) to Avoid a Coffee Shop Romance: A Yellow Pine Companion Novel

Author: Charlene Amsden

Genre: Christian Romance, Sweet Romance, Clean Romance

Release Date: 04/03/2023

Juni has no interest in being Chase’s spring fling but will her resolve last longer than his stay?

Sure Chase hinted at forever when he asked her out but they have nothing in common. He’s a big city real estate developer in tailored suits. She’s a cafe owner in jeans and coffee-stained t-shirts. Besides, their businesses are six hundred miles apart.

No worries: All Juni has to do to keep from getting her heart broken when he leaves is resist his tantalizing charm while seeing him daily, and maybe dating him just a little bit, for the next forty days.

My Review

Charlene Amsden writes a fun, witty contemporary romance. I expected a good dose of humor based on the title and whimsical cover. Good news: she delivered plenty of humor starting with the hilarious scene where Chase and Juni meet.

The romance between the two characters unfolds sweetly at just the perfect pace. I love how Amsden chose to unite two characters with some baggage over being rejected by others (kids in school, parents).

This book will make you laugh and smile while you root for Juni and Chase. Fans of Christian romance, sweet romance, and clean romance will enjoy this book.

Genre: Christian Romance, Sweet Romance, Clean Romance

Location: Yellow Pine, Montana

Romance: Very clean. Light kissing.

Faith: Both characters pray and seek God about decisions in their lives.

About the Author

Charlene Amsden grew up among the logging camps and mining towns of Northern Idaho. She’s been in bar fights, traveled back and forth across the United States in an 18-wheeler, and taught school in a paved desert and on a beach where the teachers proclaimed ‘shoes optional’.

Thanks to an ill-conceived prayer while sitting at the feet of a gifted storyteller when she was just six years old, Charlene has enjoyed an interesting life. She asked that she too would have adventuresome stories to tell.

Like the time that she climbed a supple, young, tree with five of her friends and the tree bent double. Her friends jumped. Charlene … didn’t. The tree catapulted her within chain-length of the neighborhood attack dog – Thor, the Dog of Thunder. Later, Charlene’s grandmother was heard to say, “I swear, I ought to just kill her myself and get it over with.” Because, even then, this wasn’t the first story.

Blessed with her very own, “You’ve Got Mail” romance, Charlene currently lives in Hawaii with the love of her life. When not writing, she is likely, reading, sewing, taking photographs, and/or drinking coffee with friends.

If you wish to know more about Charlene's IRL romance, visit her blog at

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