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For the Love of Horses...

…My School Project (before the internet)

In middle school, my older sister and I collaborated on a project for a Science & Social Studies fair at our little school in rural Pennsylvania. We picked the topic of horses because we both loved the beautiful animals. Even though we lived in the country, our family could never afford a horse or a place to keep it.

That didn’t stop me and my sister from collecting Brenda Breyer horses and imaging fun play time stories with stables full of them.

So, our school project… Growing up in the 1980s (yes, I’m a GenXer) was very different from today. This was long before computers, printers, or the internet. How did we ever survive?!

Well, we made use of the cool Brenda Breyer horse figurines that we collected. Then we cracked open our World Book Encyclopedias and Nat Geo magazines. Mom taught us how to use tracing paper (semi-translucent paper to trace the outline of pictures) and carbon paper (paper that would transfer pencil-like lines to real paper). We found pictures of the different parts of a horses’ anatomy, coloring, tack, etc. and drew up some wonderful guides about horses. We also made little tent cards with the breed of each of the Brenda Breyer horses.

It was a fun project that solidified my love of horses even though I’ve never had the opportunity to own one.

Is it any wonder that I write cowboy romance stories now? It might just be so I can write about horses!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. 😊

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