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Excerpt: River's Manifesto

Updated: Jun 16

Falling for a Real Cowboy by Karen Baney

River Sloane is a romance writer who travels to Vargas Guest Ranch & Resort to restart her career. Her publisher wants her to stop writing workplace romances and switch to cowoby romance. This scene is when things click for her. In a way, this excerpt is a peek into my hope for my books too.

--Author Karen Baney ________

That. That was what readers wanted. A handsome, chivalrous, kind cowboy. The perfect picture of manliness and Americana. An icon that harkened back to a time where men were manly and family values meant something. Not the baffling world view screaming at them all day, every day, demoralizing their very soul—her very soul.

She quickly scrawled the words from her mind onto the tablet. This would be the theme to anchor her in the unfamiliar subgenre. If she accepted it, her new mission was to bring stories with strong family values to worn out women. Stories that boasted men as God designed them to be. Strong. Courageous. Yet, submitted to their Lord and Savior—exhibiting the love of Christ in their interactions with those around them. Family. Faith. Freedom in Christ.

About the Book

cowboy kissing romance writer

Book: Falling for a Real Cowboy

Author: Karen Baney

Genre: Christian Cowboy Romance

Release Date: November 21, 2023

She’s trying to resurrect her career. He’s sworn off women. Will this city-meets-country duo find love where they least expect it?

Dalton J. Vargas the fourth has sworn off love. Women are just a distraction that keep him from running his family’s multi-million-dollar guest ranch near Wickenburg, Arizona. After his father announces an early retirement, the full burden of the ranch rests on his shoulders. When a city-slicker romance author stays at the ranch, Dalton’s perfect world turns to chaos.

River Sloane’s last workplace romance novel flopped—big time. Now her publisher wants her to write a modern-day cowboy romance, which she has resisted for years. When her publisher sends her to a dude ranch in the middle of nowhere Arizona, she must learn about cowboys and ranching to get her career back on track. One hunky cowboy stirs her heart and unexpectedly becomes her muse.

Will she let herself fall in love with the real cowboy or will she return to the life she left behind? Will Dalton open his heart to a new, lasting love?

About the Series

Discover the Vargas Ranch Series

Love is in the air at the Vargas Guest Ranch & Resort near Wickenburg, Arizona. The Vargas family lives and breathes their family motto: We do not deviate from the Lord’s plan. Five brawny brothers keep the ranch and resort running while life lassos their hearts in this epic contemporary cowboy romance series.

Release Date: November 21, 2023

She’s trying to resurrect her career. He’s sworn off women. Will this city-meets-country duo find love where they least expect it?

Release Date: December 19, 2023

She’s a single mom with a disabled son. He’s been in love with her since high school. Will this shy cowboy finally win her heart?

Release Date: March 26, 2024

She’s famous and nearing the end of her career. He’s blunt, bossy, and downright annoying. Will these two find the perfect balance between truth and love?

Release Date: June 25, 2024

She’s an orphan on a mission to change children’s lives. He’s an overwhelmed overachiever and her boss. Will these two learn to work together and find love in the process?

Release Date: Fall 2024

She’s the happiest person he’s ever met. His world has turned upside and he is in no mood for the holidays. Will these coworkers find middle ground as they head into the holidays?

Release Date: 2025

They’ve secretly loved each other for years. He can’t get past their age gap. She can’t get him to see her as woman she’s become. Will they let go of their fear to find true love?

Release Date: 2025

She’s pregnant with someone else’s child. He’s falling for her when he shouldn’t. Can he learn to trust her with his heart?


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