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Be Transformed

Letting the Spirit Renew Your Mind

Are you tired of living a mediocre or even defeated Christian life? Do you believe that your faith should make a difference in how you feel about life, but wonder why things never seem to change?

After more than three decades of being a Christ-follower, author Karen Baney asked these questions and diligently sought answers. When the answers came, she was changed—transformed forever in a powerful way.


In Be Transformed: Letting The Spirit Renew Your Mind, Karen Baney shares personal stories about the process of letting the Spirit renew her mind. Through this seven-session study, you will learn from hundreds of Bible verses on the topic. You will learn:


• You can change your thinking
• Your thoughts direct your actions
• How to stop believing lies about yourself
• How to identify some common stumbling blocks
• About the role fear, anxiety, and worry play
• How our thoughts shape our relationships
• Powerful thoughts to meditate on


If you are tired of dealing with low self-esteem, self-doubt, self-recrimination, anxiety, worry, or fear, this study will enlighten you through scripture and help you make some lasting changes with the Spirit’s help.

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