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A Hope Revealed

Prescott Pioneers #4

Pain. Disappointment. Fear.

Life turned out differently than Mary Colter expected. With her abusive husband either missing or dead, and the ranch gone, she is left to raise her two children on her own. When a neighbor takes compassion on her, she finds her hope ignited—perhaps she can start over on her brother-in-law’s ranch in Arizona.


Warren Cahill is confronted with one problem after another in his new role as foreman of Colter Ranch. Missing cattle and hot-headed cowhands take most of his attention. When Mary arrives at the ranch, tensions rise and he finds himself in the middle of it.


Will Mary’s hope for a life free from abuse finally be realized? Can Warren move beyond his past to embrace a new hope?



Oh the things Mary had to go through in her marriage and the things she found out about her husband that she never knew, but she kept her strength and moved forward. You really do need to read the whole series, I think anyway, to get the full impact of this book. I would definitely recommend this book, this series! I really enjoy Karen's writing and will be looking for more books from her.


Mary Colter lived for two years in constant fear of her husband's return whilst desperately trying to provide for her two children. After a stroke of divine provision, she decides to move to the still untamed Arizona Territory, where she finds refuge with her kind brother-in-law.

This book is beautifully written, just like the rest of the series. Filled with love, hope and tear jerking romance, we see families reunited and hearts learning to trust again.


Many things are woven into this novel that form an incredible experience. A woman seeking a better life for children and herself, a young boy learning to live without his father... The Colter and Larson family and friends show us that things are not promised to be easy in life that struggles and hardships to occur but that we are not alone. Intricately woven in this saga, is that God never leaves us and is always with us through good times and sad times as well as difficult times. 

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