Spoiler alert! Read this after you've read Nickels.

Nickels - Author's Note

I hope you enjoyed Niki’s story and the glimpse into the world of software engineers (or computer programmers or coders or developers or whatever you want to call us).  We’re a snarky, funny, unique breed.

There were many scenes or phrases inspired by people I’ve worked with as a software engineer over the years.  My shout out to Jason–or Spike or whatever name you told the Starbucks person today when you ordered your coffee (and no, I won’t put your last name cause I know how paranoid you are)—was with the “bucket o’ popcorn”.  Sorry, no bacon or bacon wallets.  Rick, Ricky, Jamie, and Collin – remember the screeching monkeys we had in the office, oh, and the code monkey song?  Yeah, I loosely worked in a reference to a monkey.  It just had to be done.  To my current co-workers, sometimes we have a blast don’t we?  But, did you remember to enter your Planview?  (Take that Scottie.  This is the ultimate Planview reminder).

Every book I write, I am humbled with the wonderful people I get to work with.  Thanks Fae and De for working hard to edit this thing and for making sure my tech speak didn’t go overboard.  Thanks to my hubby for always listening to me about the ups and downs of writing and for your steadying calmness.  You know I love you more than anything.  Thanks to my dad – I love you and am so grateful for your constant support and love.  Thanks to my three closest friends, Sherri, Marnie, and Lori.  I couldn’t do this without your prayers and support.  Thanks for sharing in the joys and the sorrows with me.

Most of all, I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Without You, I am nothing and I have no words.  Use this book for your glory.

Karen Baney