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Spoiler alert! Read this after you've read Hidden Prospects.

Hidden Prospects - Author's Note

I hope you enjoyed the long-awaited story of Paul and Millie. Parts of this story have been running around in my head for years. Sometime between books 3 and 4 of the Prescott Pioneers Series, the idea of Paul and Millie began to take shape for me. Yet, I didn’t feel like it was time to tell their story yet.

As in real life, their story needed time to mature and develop. There were certain things I knew—like their story had to be different. They were both single for a long time. What would cause them to wait so long to marry? How did they feel about it? These questions and more helped shape their story.

There were several other things I knew I wanted to include. One was making Millie part Indian. During the late 1860s and 1870s, the conflict between whites and Indians in the Arizona Territory escalated. This story picks up some of the early rumblings that led to General Crook’s first campaign against the Apache in 1872.

I also wanted to capture something special about singing. When I was growing up, my mom and I both sang in church choir. We even sang a few duets together. I sang a few solos. Mind you, I am not trained in voice and, these days, I limit my singing to being one of the many voices singing in worship. But there was an element of that experience that I wanted to bring to you through Millie.

In preparation for Millie’s singing, I was fortunate to find a mini hymnal published in 1840. It only has the lyrics, but that was all I needed to find authentic songs from the era. Most of the songs quoted in this book come from that hymnal.

Paul’s interaction with his mother might have caught some of you off guard. After all, in the Prescott Pioneers Series, they seemed to get along well. But we never got to see his point of view in that series. It got me thinking. What would a thirty-eight-year-old mama’s boy really think about his ma?

Thank you, dear reader, for joining me on another western tale. I hope you enjoyed Hidden Prospects.

May God bless you as learn to see the hidden prospects in your own lives.

Karen Baney

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