Many things are woven into this novel that form an incredible experience. A woman seeking a better life for children and herself, a young boy learning to live without his father... The Colter and Larson family and friends show us that things are not promised to be easy in life that struggles and hardships to occur but that we are not alone. Intricately woven in this saga, is that God never leaves us and is always with us through good times and sad times as well as difficult times. 


A very moving story of trials in the unexpected places as they traveled. The characters were living during the Indian uprising of the Apache killing off whole families around the mining country. A must read for those who enjoy historical romance kindle books from Amazon at a special price. I fully enjoyed the entire book from beginning to end. A great way for those who have waited for real love in the end.


Gave five stars and would have given more if available.....this was such a beautiful love story of love, hardships & forgiveness. The author, Karen Bandy, is to be commended for such a wonderful story. 

© 2020 by Karen Baney

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