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The Rustler Hunter (Harper's Justice Book 1)

Coming 2024

The Rustler Hunter

Harper's Justice Book 1

Action-packed mystery, main character disguise, and a wild west love story set in northern Arizona Territory in 1898.

When someone starts stealing cattle from the largest ranch in the Arizona Territory, Hayley Harper goes undercover as the cook and laundress at the Diablo Bunkhouse to root out the rustlers. As the daughter of the notorious outlaw Galen Harper and with her Pinkerton Agent training, she’s confident she can protect herself from the rough cowboys and solve the mystery with the help of her brother. Little does she know that the ranch manager has hired an infamous rustler hunter to help. Will she lose her heart to him before she learns the truth?

J.J. Westin has spent his life as a warrior, protector, and vigilante. He hires out to cattlemen associations to root out outlaws masquerading as cowboys. With over forty successful apprehensions, his fame proceeds him. Thankfully the newspapers haven’t got wind of his one debilitating weakness… yet. When assigned to the Diablo Bunkhouse, the mysterious, courageous Hayley turns his life upside down. Can he bring in the rustlers before they hurt Hayley?

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