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Desert Manna Series

3 Books Box Set

Three different couples find God's provision, manna, in the Arizona desert. Set in Prescott, Arizona Territory from 1871-1873.

Beauty for Ashes (Desert Manna Book 1)

Staring over, single mother romance.

After Perry Quinn loses everything, he must start over, relying on the charity of his friends and the beautiful single mother Rebecca Elliot. He finds her companionship helps heal his broken heart.

Joy for Mourning (Desert Manna Book 2)

Trapped together, age-gap western romance.

Grace Talbert loves helping others and struggles to find her purpose apart from the many suitors her father thrusts upon her. When the handsome, older Joshua Harrison returns to Prescott to raise his daughter, sparks fly.

Oaks of Justice (Desert Manna Book 3)

Enemies to friends, age-gap western romance.

Attorney Melissa (Mel) Larson longs to make her mark on the world. When her life is in danger, she returns home to Prescott and is pitted against the handsome District Attorney, Alex Glassman. When they face off in the courtroom, Mel’s low blow may have backfired.

Beauty for Ashes (Desert Manna Book 1) by Karen Baney

Beauty for Ashes

Desert Manna Book 1

Uplifting Historical Christian Romance Fiction set in Prescott, Arizona in 1871.

As a widow who lost her husband in Sherman’s fiery march to the sea, Rebecca Elliot struggled to provide for her son. When she hears from her brother in Prescott, Arizona, she makes the journey west to start over. An unexpected tragedy on the last leg of her travels changes the trajectory of her heart and life as she never could have imagined.

Perry Quinn finally said goodbye to his late wife when his life is turned upside down. When he loses everything that he worked hard to accomplish, he must humble himself and start over while trying to find the answers to why he lost everything. Along the way, a kind woman steals his heart and reminds him that there is beauty in the middle of the ashes of his life.

Will he let go of his grief to find true love?

Joy for Mourning (Desert Manna Book 2)

Joy for Mourning

Desert Manna Book 2

Historical Christian Romance Fiction set in Prescott, Arizona in 1872.

Grace Talbert spurns every suitor her father finds. She longs for the spark of romance and is unwilling to settle for something less. Her passion is running the Women’s Aid Society, which organizes many charitable events to help the poor and the Indians. When a trip to deliver goods to the reservation leaves her stranded with a handsome stranger, she discovers the love she longed for.

After many years of wandering and building up his freight business, Joshua Harrison decides to return to Prescott. As bachelor, he is ill-equipped to raise the orphaned daughter of a friend. He hopes the stable life of a small town will bring what he needs to become a good father. Having failed at love twice, he is afraid to try again, until he is stranded with the unconventional and beautiful Grace Talbert.

Can he move past his heartache to open himself to love again?

Oaks of Justice (Desert Manna Book 3)

Oaks of Justice

Desert Manna Book 3

Gripping Historical Christian Romance Fiction set in Prescott, Arizona in 1873.

Mel Larson is used to being underestimated as a female attorney. When her life is threatened, her mentor takes her home to Prescott. As the defense attorney for her innocent client who is on trial for murder, she goes head-to-head with the new District Attorney. When she apologizes to him for using some unconventional tactics, sparks fly, and she finds a love she had not been looking for.

Alex Glassman was ready to settle down but after a failed courtship, he doubted if he would ever find the right match. When a major court case falls into his lap, he is unprepared to argue the case against a fiery red headed woman. When the case is over and he humbles himself to admit his mistakes, his heart is captured, and he dares to hope that she could be the one.

When Mel's life is threatened, can Alex save her in time?

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