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Colter Sons Series (The Complete Series 6 book box set) by Karen Baney. A Christian historical romance series of books set in Prescott Arizona.

Colter Sons Series

The Complete Series (6 book box set)

Coming of age stories about the Colter's five sons and their surprise daughter. Set in Prescott and other locations within the Arizona Territory in 1887 - 1906.

1. The Reluctant Cattleman - Sam Colter

2. The Roaming Adventurer - Boone Colter

3. The Railroad Magnate - James Colter

4. The Resourceful Stockman - Deacon Colter

5. The Restless Wrangler - Preston Colter

6. The Resilient Bride – Violet (Colter) Gamble

If you like these authors, you'll enjoy this book too: Tracie Peterson, Tamera Alexander, Karen Witemeyer, Lacy Williams, Jodi Hedlund, Misty M. Beller

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