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Beauty for Ashes

Desert Manna #1

As a widow who lost her husband in Sherman’s fiery march to the sea, Rebecca Elliot struggled to provide for her son. When she hears from her brother in Prescott, Arizona, she makes the journey west to start over. An unexpected tragedy on the last leg of her travels changes the trajectory of her heart and life as she never could have imagined.

Perry Quinn finally said goodbye to his late wife when his life is turned upside down. When he loses everything that he worked hard to accomplish, he must humble himself and start over while trying to find the answers to why he lost everything. Along the way, a kind woman steals his heart and reminds him that there is beauty in the middle of the ashes of his life.



I love history and this sweet book weaves the love of God, history and a town I love all together for a delightful read. Another book I'll read more than once.


I was hooked from the beginning. This sweet, clean historical romance tells an engaging story set in Prescott, Arizona. 

I could relate to Perry and Rebecca's struggle to start over in life  when things don't turn out the way they expected.

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