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Spoiler alert! Read this after you've read A Hope Revealed.

A Hope Revealed - Author's Note

Readers, I hope you have enjoyed travelling the West with the Andersons, Colters, and Larsons.  While I’m sad to see this series come to an end, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking you on this journey.

By 1866 and 1867, the Arizona Territory was already changing and transforming from just a few short years earlier when Hannah and Will arrived.  Stage travel became more readily available and offered an alternative to the longer wagon trains if passengers could travel lightly.  I wondered just how difficult it might be for a single mother to manage her children on this type of journey.

I know many aspects of Mary’s story were difficult and heart breaking.  Many women didn’t have the wonderful experiences like Hannah did.  Instead, far too many stories more closely resembled Mary’s.  Even today, too many women live in bondage to a harsh spouse.  If this is your situation, please seek help from your local church or shelter.  There are many kind-hearted people in this world that would love to help you experience freedom.

If you are already free, but still healing from a past like Mary’s, please know that there are many honorable and trustworthy men in this world—like Will and Adam and Warren.  Don’t lose hope.

Karen Baney

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