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A Heart Renewed

Prescott Pioneers #2

Headstrong. Unconventional. Until life turns upside down…

Julia Colter struggles to accept life under her controlling brother’s greed. The suitors he selects would benefit him, but are far from the ideal husband for her. When her rebellion against her brother puts her life at risk, she turns to her friend for help.


Adam Larson longs to train horses and plans to head west to the Arizona Territory to see his dreams fulfilled. When his sister’s best friend shows up in the middle of the night, he agrees to help her flee. The decision changes his life, in more ways than he expected.

Can Julia forget the pain from her past and open her heart to love?




Karen's writing provides the reader with the ability to understand the heart of each character and the theme of healing and forgiveness is interwoven throughout. A beautiful novel that spoke to my heart. I can't wait for Karen's next novel to become available.


This series is one of the best western series of the old west that I have read, in realistic writing. Ms. Baney is a skilled writer and really draws you into the story! You may be up until 1 am. reading like I was, if you are not careful!


I couldn't put this book down. The author easily pulls you into the story of Julia. My heart totally broke for her. While Julia questions her faith she comes to the realization with the help of her friends, that the only way to find peace is to forgive.

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