Prescott Pioneers #1



For fans of inspirational fiction the author weaves a heart grabbing story of faith and love as well as loss and new beginnings. While it is an inspirational story it would easily appeal to anyone who enjoys reading the trials and triumphs of the westward journey.


When it comes to books that are an absolute delight to read, A Dream Unfolding is very high on that list. Very rarely does a book spark my interest right from the very beginning, but this one sure did. Karen takes readers on an adventure and a long and difficult journey of healing and forgiveness.


I felt very connected to the characters in this story, especially Hannah. You always know it's a great story when you feel your heart breaking along with the character. A Dream Unfolding reminded me that when you feel like God has forsaken you or left you, you realize he never had or never will. God is always there to pick up the pieces and help you to continue your dream even if it changes along the way.

© 2020 by Karen Baney

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