Retailer Market Share

In preparation for a speaking engagement at Tech Phoenix in November, I was doing some research to find stats for what the retailer market share is for eBooks.  It wasn’t easy to find this information.  Each retailer has their own opinion of what their market share is.  Amazon would have us all believe they are the only retailer that matters.

After some deep digging, I found some numbers from a presentation Bowker did back on March 20, 2012.

US Market Share

The numbers for the US weren’t too surprising to me.  After all, about 85% of my own sales come from Amazon.  Despite Amazon’s 51% market share and a mediocre experience with Kindle Select, I decided back in April 2012, to distribute my books through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords.  When Kobo launched their Writing Life platform earlier this year, I published my books there as well.  The one place where I am not published that appears to have a decent market share in the US is Google, especially since their 5% is even better than Kobo’s 2%.

But let’s take a look at the international stage.  My dream is to be an international best-seller, how about you?  This chart shows the percents of market share combined for the US, UK, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, India, and France.  (I was hoping Bowker would have included Canada, but they didn’t).

10 Country Market Share

Apple weighs in with an astonishing 52.5% of the market share between iTunes and iBooks.  Google also dominates the international stage with 23.6%.

So what conclusions can we draw from these numbers?  I, for one, plan to get on the Google bandwagon, since I’m not already there.  Also, for those proponents of Amazon’s KDP Select program I say, “Good luck!”  I’m not so sure you’ll reach international best-seller status by staying exclusive with Amazon.  Then again, I could just be reading the numbers wrong. :)


What do you think about these numbers?  Any big surprises for you?  What conclusions would you draw?  I’d love to have you weigh in with your comments below.




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