Digging Up Death by Gina Conroy

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Gina: Well, I’m originally from New York, but moved west to go to college, married and now the mom of four. I write…well you know that, and my recent passion is dancing…um…let’s see, what else…why is this always the hardest question?

Mari Duggins: Because no one can sum up who they are in a paragraph.

Fletcher Murdock: I bet I can. In fact I can do it in a sentence.

Mari: Oh really?Go ahead and try it.

Fletcher: I’m what you ladies call eye candy, but I leave those who taste the sugar longing for more. {Fletcher raises two eyebrows} Ask Mari, she’s got quite a sweet tooth.

Mari: {rolls her eyes} I was wrong. I can sum up someone’s life in less than a paragraph, in fact, I can use one word. {looks at Fletcher} Pathetic!

2. How did you come up with the title Digging Up Death?

Gina: Honestly, I have no idea! This book was six years in the making. But it had to do with archaeology and death, not as in dead people, but in digging up the past, the dead stuff in our lives that keep us from really living. I played around with different words and phrases and I liked the sound of Digging Up Death, plus it fits the mystery and themes in the book on so many different levels.

3. Where did you get the idea for Digging Up Death?

Gina: I was homeschooling my kids and got stuck on an ancient Egypt unit about Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Her history fascinated me, and at the time they thought they found her missing mummy. Then Mari Duggins showed up with all her baggage with Fletcher and Jack, her ex husband, an idea was born.

Fletcher: Baggage? I wouldn’t call it baggage.

Mari: Then what would you call it?

Fletcher: Oh, picking up where we left off. Starting a new chapter—

Mari: Dredging up the past, resolving unfinished business.

Fletcher: You make it sound so unpleasant.

Mari: Well…

Gina: Um…the characters just took over the story, just like they are hijacking over this interview.

4. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Gina: That’s like asking me who my favorite child is! I love the scenes with Fletcher and Mari because it’s always full of conflict. You never know what’s going to come out of Fletcher’s mouth.

Mari: Don’t I know it!

Fletcher: Have to keep things interesting!

Mari: But there were times Fletcher let down his guard and I actually saw into his heart. Those were my favorite scenes.

Fletcher: Really? Your favorite? What about the time we

Gina: No spoilers!

Fletcher: Sorry, just trying to keep things

Mari: Interesting, we get it!

5. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Gina: Digging Up Death is a story about stripping away the masks we wear to hide who we are so that we don’t have to deal with the real stuff in our lives that are killing our future. It’s about—

Fletcher: Blah, blah, blah  be still my bleeding heart. You should have quit at the stripping part.

{Mari elbows Fletcher in the ribs.}

Fletcher: {turns to Mari} Owww, do you really think her answer will help some dude pick up the book? I think not. Not unless she talks more about stripping and less about dealing with our stuff. What does that even mean?

Mari: Sheesh, you make it sound like she writes erotica.

{Fletcher opens his mouth to speak}

Mari: I don’t want to hear it. How about you sum up the book…and keep it clean! This is a family friendly interview.

Fletcher: Fine…{Clearing his throat}  Dig into a fun story with Digging Up Death. It’s got all the dirt you want–a tangled mystery, a quirky heroine, hints of romance, and page-turning action. And a to die for hero that will keep the ladies drooling for more. Conroy keeps the story real and delves into the clean and the not so clean parts of life.

Gina: That sounds a lot like the review mystery author Christy Barritt wrote about the book.

Mari: Except for the part about the to die for hero.

Gina: And the part about the ladies drooling. The only drool is from your mouth, Fletcher!

Mari: Good one! { Mari & Gina high five!}

Fletcher: No fair, two against one and well, the to die for part was true. You did almost die.

Mari: That’s not the same as a to die for hero. Nice try.

6. Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Gina: I love hearing from readers and reading reviews they’ve taken the time to post on their blogs, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other review sites. If they take the time to email, I take the time to respond. My favorite reviews have been from the men who have read my book. They’ve all agreed that while they don’t normally read romantic mysteries, they were hooked by the characters and mystery and will be following Mari Duggins’ adventures!

Fletcher: Why not the adventure of Fletcher Murdock? I could take you on an excursion to Egypt where we can dig up a long lost mummy or something like that.

Gina: Hold on, hot stuff. You’re getting ahead of yourself.

Fletcher: {He turns to Mari} See, she likes me.

Mari: She has to like you, she created you.

Fletcher: Well, then why won’t she get inside my head and write an adventure through my point of view?

Mari: Because what comes out of your mouth is scary enough!

Gina: Would you two like to finish the question for me, or maybe you’d like to write the story.

Fletcher: Don’t we already? {wink}

Gina: One more word from you Fletcher and I’m hitting delete! Now what was the next question?

7. What are your current projects?

Gina: Currently I’m writing Mayhem Under the Mistletoe.

Mari: Isn’t Christmas over?

Gina: Yes, but the mystery has nothing to do with Christmas.

{Fletcher raising his hand}

Gina: {Ignoring Fletcher} I started it before Christmas, but life got in the way. It really has nothing to do with Christmas, it just happens around Christmas time. Now I just have to finish it and decide whether to offer it in the spring or wait until next Christmas?

Mari: Oh, you can’t make them wait.

Gina: But who wants to read a Christmas story in April?

Mari: You said it wasn’t a Christmas story.

Gina: I know, but the title says Christmas…

{Fletcher squirming and waving his raised his hand like Mari’s seven year old.}

Gina: {shakes her head} Go ahead and talk.

Fletcher: Will there be kissing under the mistletoe? {Fletcher looks at Mari and raises his eyebrows twice.}

Gina:{Gina rolls her eyes}Well, I think it’s time for Fletcher to leave before he says something I’ll regret. Thanks, Karen for putting up with these two. I’ll try and keep them in line for the next interview!

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GConroy Headshot 1 soft crop square 2012I used to think I knew where my life was headed, now I’m leaning on the Lord to show me the way. When I’m not parenting, blogging, or ballroom and swing dancing, I’m pursuing publication in fiction, and trying to keep things in perspective, knowing His timing is perfect, even if I don’t agree with it!


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